• Front wall frames - view from the north
    The Nest

    Bracing ourselves for 2017

    The holiday season has come to an end, and it is bittersweet.  On the sweet side, the thrill of seeing progress is addictive; the bitter side, progress will now slow down as we won’t be dedicated to building most of the time. The front wall frame is the crowning glory of this post, albeit not yet complete; remaining are the back lintels and a few brackets to secure all the lintels in place.  As you can see in the pics: a) the posts were put up first, then b) the ring beam and front lintels, and c) the last of the bottom boxing At 3.85 metres tall, the front north facing wall…

  • It's up in the air!
    The Nest

    Three month mark and the mighty ironbark…

    Today marks the 3 month lunaversary since the day we first started prepping the site for the build,  and not even 2 months have passed since the slab was poured.  I think we are making good headway, but Matt seems to think otherwise…. The external timber frame has been progressing nicely, now with most of the bottom boxing and window lintels in place.  The back south-facing wall frame is also ready for bales to be put in. The front wall frames are yet to be done, they measure up to 3.85m in height and require many posts and beams that will provide structural support for the sloping roof and the massive north…

  • The finished wall and the window box
    The Nest

    Getting our fam into it!

    This past week has been memorable to say the least.  My sister got married and Matt’s mum and her hubby Mal made a special trip from New Zealand to attend the wedding.  Matty and I could not help but get them involved in the build process, free labour after all!  JUST KIDDING!!  :D (not really)…..they wanted to help and we happily obliged :) The looming besser block wall is finally finished, with just one brick remaining which will be put into place after the timber beam is up.  Mama and I helped fill in the holes between the blocks wherever needed and Mal helped with some much needed site cleaning,…

  • Besser block wall
    The Nest

    Bottoms up, besser blocks!

    Less than 2 weeks have passed since the first internal frame was up. Two days later, the rest of the internal wall frames were up too, this includes the walk in robe walls for the two bedrooms, and the bathroom and shower walls. Matt then started on the besser block retaining wall. This wall will be used to retain heat as the firewood heater will sit in front of it, as well as capture the heat from the north facing windows.  It also provides structural support and will be decorated with slate tiles on one side, and render (with some funky add ons) on the other. As Matt progressed from one…

  • First internal wall up
    The Nest

    Supermoon November and the first wall frame is up

    It’s exciting times at Cooinda.  The timber required for the framing arrived exactly a week after the slab pour, and  Matty has been analysing the specs to make sure he has enough timber, the right lengths, cuts, types etc. He’s been sawing, chiseling and hammering away, like a carpenter….. I’m sure his father will be proud :) After a weekend of hard yakka, the internal walls for the bedrooms are done, this includes the walk in robe walls in each bedroom (laid down in the pics) as well as the wall that separates the two bedrooms. Yesterday, with the help of our friend Bart(os), the first internal wall frame was…

  • The aftermath
    The Nest

    ….and then there was a slab

    The concrete truck arrived 20 minutes ahead of schedule, and took just over four hours to complete pouring. One of the concrete trucks hit a power pole at their depot which caused some delays, we had to wait for over an hour till we got the next batch of concrete delivered.  This caused some concern as the previous concrete poured was starting to set, but thankfully the delay didn’t cause any issues.  Turns out it was a blessing in disguise as the fish tank needed to be secured furthermore before more concrete could be poured around it. No more hurdles were encountered, and not much more can be said about the happenings…

  • The Nest

    Fish tank setup and pre pour jitters

    Less than 12 hours to go till the concrete truck arrives and the pour begins.  Matty and I are feeling excited, nervous, worried, exuberant all at the same time.  A minor (major) crisis was averted today as Matt found out that the formwork was 40 mm shy of the expected height.  A somewhat cruisy day turned out to be a full on day fixing other people’s stuff ups. Despite the frustrations, Matty managed to get everything done for the 7am start tomorrow morning (along with extending the height of the formwork to the required 100mm).  Here are some pics to commemorate the day: This house has a few little quirks, but…

  • The Nest

    It’s All Hallow’s Eve and still no slab….

    The past month has been frustrating with  unnatural amounts of rain being the main culprit.  Despite the delay, progress has been made on other fronts, like building a chook pen, getting some chooks, setting up the veggie patch and picking up other building materials such as tiles and windows. The rain finally eased off about two weeks ago, and Matt hired Rob to come in and dig the slab footings. Once those were in place, Matt was busy pumping water out of them two days later (thanks to the glorious rain), then finally started putting the clinka fill in (more about clinka here). Two labourers assisted with doing the form work and putting up…