• North east view of the kitchen and front door, with timber slats and building paper in place
    Renovation La Shacka

    Slat my shack up

    The shack has slowly been morphing into its new shape over the past few weeks. Matty has been busy putting up the timber frame and installing windows. We were very conscious of the timber used for the framing as the site is prone to termite infestation, a problem we discovered whilst stripping the shack down. As such, all timber framing has been done with H3 grade timbers which are treated for moisture and insect resistance. The windows and main door arrived about two weeks ago, and Matty has installed them into position already. These beautiful windows match the ones in the Nest, and are simply gorgeous. Being a hardwood timber…

  • Northern view of the shack, or what's remaining of it
    Renovation La Shacka

    The shack stripped bare

    Our first home on the property was loved (and lived in) by many; including mice, rats, huntsman spiders, humans, dogs, and even a micro bat! It was our humble home on the land while we built ‘The Nest’, and beat living in a caravan any day! It was originally a work shed predating three owners before us; the bushfires of Black Saturday in Feb 2009 however changed this. The main house at the time burnt down and this shed was eventually turned into a makeshift home by a latter owner. This ‘man-cave’ boasted a lounge, kitchen and two modest bedrooms when we purchased the property. The bathroom was taken down…

  • Front wall frames - view from the north
    The Nest

    Bracing ourselves for 2017

    The holiday season has come to an end, and it is bittersweet.  On the sweet side, the thrill of seeing progress is addictive; the bitter side, progress will now slow down as we won’t be dedicated to building most of the time. The front wall frame is the crowning glory of this post, albeit not yet complete; remaining are the back lintels and a few brackets to secure all the lintels in place.  As you can see in the pics: a) the posts were put up first, then b) the ring beam and front lintels, and c) the last of the bottom boxing At 3.85 metres tall, the front north facing wall…

  • It's up in the air!
    The Nest

    Three month mark and the mighty ironbark…

    Today marks the 3 month lunaversary since the day we first started prepping the site for the build,  and not even 2 months have passed since the slab was poured.  I think we are making good headway, but Matt seems to think otherwise…. The external timber frame has been progressing nicely, now with most of the bottom boxing and window lintels in place.  The back south-facing wall frame is also ready for bales to be put in. The front wall frames are yet to be done, they measure up to 3.85m in height and require many posts and beams that will provide structural support for the sloping roof and the massive north…

  • First internal wall up
    The Nest

    Supermoon November and the first wall frame is up

    It’s exciting times at Cooinda.  The timber required for the framing arrived exactly a week after the slab pour, and  Matty has been analysing the specs to make sure he has enough timber, the right lengths, cuts, types etc. He’s been sawing, chiseling and hammering away, like a carpenter….. I’m sure his father will be proud :) After a weekend of hard yakka, the internal walls for the bedrooms are done, this includes the walk in robe walls in each bedroom (laid down in the pics) as well as the wall that separates the two bedrooms. Yesterday, with the help of our friend Bart(os), the first internal wall frame was…