For people interested in learning more about strawbale builds, or about the various services/products we have used, here are some links.

1. Strawbale general info:

2. Based in Victoria, Brian Hodge runs workshops for strawbale owner builders.  Matty attended a weekend workshop with Hodgy and also affiliated with him for surveying and engineering our house:

3. A very thoughtful gift from our friends Steve and Caroline that came in handy: 

4. Book by Brian Hodge that Matt read cover to cover prior to commencing the build:

5. ClinkaFill that was used in our concrete slabs for insulation:

6. Mark the professional strawbale render man from Heathcote, Victoria:

7. Luke the painter who assisted us with the painting process; he is thorough and is a perfectionist:

8. The environmentally friendly interior paints we used: 

9. The kitchen makeover could not have been achieved without Alan Grimes’ assistance, he is a subject matter expert when it comes to stains, varnishes and oils, especially for the environmentally minded. Not only are these products more affordable than common brands, but more importantly, they work! Check his products out at

10. All bathroom tapware, spout and vanity  sink were made by our dear friend and talented craftsman Oliver MacLatchy from Wood Melbourne, you can check out his work at

11. Our gorgeous windows and doors in the Nest and the Shack have been manufactured by All timber windows and doors. They have competitive prices and the quality is exquisite.