North east view of the kitchen and front door, with timber slats and building paper in place
Renovation La Shacka

Slat my shack up

The shack has slowly been morphing into its new shape over the past few weeks. Matty has been busy putting up the timber frame and installing windows.

We were very conscious of the timber used for the framing as the site is prone to termite infestation, a problem we discovered whilst stripping the shack down. As such, all timber framing has been done with H3 grade timbers which are treated for moisture and insect resistance.

The windows and main door arrived about two weeks ago, and Matty has installed them into position already. These beautiful windows match the ones in the Nest, and are simply gorgeous. Being a hardwood timber frame, these will be oiled in early November so that they get weathered first.

The new section of the shack, i.e. the sleeping nook and bathroom/toilet now has a roof over it also. The bathroom is noticeably larger and will include a laundry section as well.

Matty has already started to wrap the external walls with building paper and timber slats so that the cladding can be installed. We’re getting a good sense of the amount of space and light available in this new design. Fingers crossed the external cladding will not disappoint!

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