• Matty painting the undercoat
    The Nest

    Plaster and paint, oh my I might faint…

    Since the last coat of render, Cooinda’s Nest has been going through a slow and steady transformation. Who knew painting the plasterboard walls and ceilings could make the house look more like a home?  Well I didn’t, but it is my first time building, so let’s excuse my ignorance. Matty and I have to keep reminding ourselves that there is yet more work to be done, till we can truly call it a day… or a year really. Plastering joy Matty used to be a plasterer for about 12 years, so this phase of the project ran pretty smoothly; albeit the frustrations of simply doing it. Within a week, Matty completed…

  • Winter warming sunlight streaming through the front door
    The Nest

    Winter is here

    Without trying to sound all negative and stuff, but it is winter.. and I can’t shake the cold off. The time has come for when the world slows down and allows you to recuperate and reenergise, just through simple rest; something that I feel we may have forgotten how to do. Thankfully the build stage agrees with this seasonal change, and gives us a chance to slow it down and go with the flow. The last few months have been a whirlwind of major structural work, and the tasks were all BIG! Now, as winter settles in, the attention goes inwards. The open fireplace One new addition of Cooinda’s Nest…

  • The finished wall and the window box
    The Nest

    Getting our fam into it!

    This past week has been memorable to say the least.  My sister got married and Matt’s mum and her hubby Mal made a special trip from New Zealand to attend the wedding.  Matty and I could not help but get them involved in the build process, free labour after all!  JUST KIDDING!!  :D (not really)…..they wanted to help and we happily obliged :) The looming besser block wall is finally finished, with just one brick remaining which will be put into place after the timber beam is up.  Mama and I helped fill in the holes between the blocks wherever needed and Mal helped with some much needed site cleaning,…

  • Besser block wall
    The Nest

    Bottoms up, besser blocks!

    Less than 2 weeks have passed since the first internal frame was up. Two days later, the rest of the internal wall frames were up too, this includes the walk in robe walls for the two bedrooms, and the bathroom and shower walls. Matt then started on the besser block retaining wall. This wall will be used to retain heat as the firewood heater will sit in front of it, as well as capture the heat from the north facing windows.  It also provides structural support and will be decorated with slate tiles on one side, and render (with some funky add ons) on the other. As Matt progressed from one…

  • First internal wall up
    The Nest

    Supermoon November and the first wall frame is up

    It’s exciting times at Cooinda.  The timber required for the framing arrived exactly a week after the slab pour, and  Matty has been analysing the specs to make sure he has enough timber, the right lengths, cuts, types etc. He’s been sawing, chiseling and hammering away, like a carpenter….. I’m sure his father will be proud :) After a weekend of hard yakka, the internal walls for the bedrooms are done, this includes the walk in robe walls in each bedroom (laid down in the pics) as well as the wall that separates the two bedrooms. Yesterday, with the help of our friend Bart(os), the first internal wall frame was…