The finished wall and the window box
The Nest

Getting our fam into it!

This past week has been memorable to say the least.  My sister got married and Matt’s mum and her hubby Mal made a special trip from New Zealand to attend the wedding.  Matty and I could not help but get them involved in the build process, free labour after all!  JUST KIDDING!!  :D (not really)…..they wanted to help and we happily obliged :)

The looming besser block wall is finally finished, with just one brick remaining which will be put into place after the timber beam is up.  Mama and I helped fill in the holes between the blocks wherever needed and Mal helped with some much needed site cleaning, digging and levelling.

The first external facing frame was installed today.  It is a box that is situated under the main bedroom window to provide support for the high north facing windows.  It will serve as cupboard space later on, as well as a window seat when decked out with cushions and pillows.  A little reading nook by the winter sun :)

Thanks Mama and Mal for not only visiting for my sister’s wedding, but also for making your mark on the build. We loved having you here and are missing you both already…

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