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Three month mark and the mighty ironbark…

Today marks the 3 month lunaversary since the day we first started prepping the site for the build,  and not even 2 months have passed since the slab was poured.  I think we are making good headway, but Matt seems to think otherwise….

The external timber frame has been progressing nicely, now with most of the bottom boxing and window lintels in place.  The back south-facing wall frame is also ready for bales to be put in.

South facing external wall frames ready for strawbale insertion
South facing external wall frames ready for strawbale insertion

The front wall frames are yet to be done, they measure up to 3.85m in height and require many posts and beams that will provide structural support for the sloping roof and the massive north facing windows.  Before these can be put into place, a major hurdle of placing the 6.5m long ironbark timber beam in the middle of the house had to be completed. This beam is estimated to weigh about 1 tonne, and is integral to the house structure.  This nerve wrecking task was successfully administered yesterday, once again with our excavator acquaintance, Bert (who loves dirt)…

The holiday season gives us a chance to work with no interruptions on aiming to have all the external wall frames put in place.  Now that some warmer weather is finally on the way, hopefully the swimming pool will get some of our attention too!

Happy holidays lovely peeps and thanks for keeping up with our adventure.
Lots of love from our shack to yours :D  xoxo


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