The Nest

A roof over our heads

The last day of January marked another milestone on Cooinda, the roof sheets were put up!  Three days later, Matty secured the flashing around the edges as well.

Tim, the plumber assisted Matty on the day.  As the skillion roof is on a 6 degree single pitch, the gutter will only be on the south side of the house, where eventually a downpipe will feed a 10,000 litre rainwater tank. We then started work on the roof battens this weekend; this is the timber on the inside portion of the roof that holds up the ceiling plaster as well as the roof insulation bats.

Alongside the roof extravaganza, I managed to finish varnishing the remaining 3 large windows of the house, thus completing the first coat of varnish for all 10 windows.  The second coat will be done once the windows are in the house.

It feels a little strange albeit the excitement; the house has become more grounded, more ‘real’ since the roof went up. There is a sense of security that was previously missing, and I find it hard to put into words how much a roof makes a difference.  They don’t say “at least I have a roof over my head” for no reason.

It is Matty’s birthday next week, so we are off camping to a spot west of the Grampians for the weekend.  Once back, we will be organising a delivery date for the straw bales… the adventure continues :)


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