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Battens, cables and bales

It is nearly time for the house’s most distinguishing feature to be delivered. Matty and I went to inspect the bales this morning, and they are mighty fine. I ain’t any bale connoisseur but these bales definitely looked like they could be the muscles of our house (the render will be the skin, the frames are the bones….important to get these anatomical details correct :D :D). Each of these wheat straw bales measure 965mm(W) x 450mm(D) x 375mm(H), making the walls quite thick and insulated. 350 of these bad bales will be delivered next week, and the remaining 100 a fortnight after.

Last week we completed putting up all the roof battens, and Jules (the sparky) spent a day with Matty roughing in (installing) all the electrical cable wiring through the house. These had to be done prior to bale insertion as some of the cabling will need to go through the straw. Now all that remains is to set up the straps and ply in the bottom boxing so that the bales can be tensioned down once in place.

This post is short and sweet, but the next one will commemorate the walls going in,  another milestone for the build!

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