First fascia board is up
The Nest

The first quarter

And so we are close to our first quarter since the slab pour; 3 months, oh how you’ve whizzed by!  We’re on the precipice of the roof inauguration (yes, I used that word with intent).

Last weekend we had hired help from our local Benny Boy, a quirky character who we buy firewood from during the colder months.  He has the strength that I lack, and he lacks the fear of heights that I have, so it worked out for the better :D  He helped Matty put up the smart roof joists (as opposed to the intellectually challenged type).   In case you were wondering (like I was)… smart joists refer to a brand name of laminated timber that are light and strong compared to “normal” (aka stupid) joists :D  Am I getting down with the building lingo or what?!?!

The smart joists run parallel to each other with a 900 mm gap, and run down the length of the house (north to south).  These then are accompanied with purlins that run across the width of the house (east to west) again with a parallel 900 mm gap.  Next on the to-do list are the fascia boards that circumambulate (oooooh I use big words, I must be smart, SMRT!) the entire roof board and provide support for the gutter.

We have only just mounted the first fascia board on the north-east side of the house, the others are intended to be done within the next week, along with all the electrical wiring and cabling that run through the roof.  Tim (the plumber) is scheduled in to help Matty put the roof sheets up, and tick off all the plumbing related requirements just after Australia Day.

Straya day long weekend will be long indeed!  Can’t complain though, walking through the house now with just the roof joists and purlins up made us get goosebumps, let’s see what the roof sheets going up does to our emotions…

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