The Nest


We received our official Certificate of Occupancy yesterday…HOORAAA! I write this today, not as a build related blog post, but rather as a thank you to three aspects surrounding the build.


Matt of all trades

Matty’s unyielding determination is commendable to say the least (understatement of the millennium); not to mention inspirational. He may not be the master of all trades, but he sure is the Master Accomplisher. He gets things DONE, and has given up most of life’s normalcies in order to do so.

He has been a project manager, builder, foundation-layer, carpenter, bricklayer, renderer, plasterer, painter, tiler, sidekick electrician and plumber, landscape architect/ earthworks person, cabinet maker, all rounder handyman and client throughout the build; whilst juggling his responsibilities at work as a Business Manager and being a caring partner to me. He has had (in total) only a week off during the past 16 months, with no social life unless people come to visit, and has not been on a motorbike ride even once (his zen pastime).

As gratitude to Matty: building us (and hopefully our future family) a home with your own hands has to be one of THE MOST romantic gestures EVER! Nothing I do or say will ever express my absolute love, respect and admiration of you. Thank you Mama and Dad for creating and bringing such a glorious human into the world.

Land of the Taungurung people

Cooinda resides in the north central region of Victoria previously home to the Taungurung clans. We are forever indebted to this little piece of paradise for allowing us to call you home. To the land and its traditional owners, we pay our respects to you.

La Shacka grande

One of the reasons for choosing this property was that it came with what the real estate ad called a ‘man-cave’. It is now a ‘human-cave’ as I am indeed a woman, though sometimes questionable (I can’t multi-task to save my life). This little dwelling has given us refuge and shelter, and is more spacious and habitable compared to a caravan, especially during the winter months and the long duration.

La Shacka
La Shacka grande

The shack isn’t at all grand; it is a corrugated iron shed outside and a country cabin inside. We have been living in a makeshift livable space for the past 16 months, and it has taught us to be more humble (eloquent way of saying we are hobos). To this little dwelling, and to the previous owner/s who renovated it, thank you!

That’s all for today, there is progress on the house but as I said earlier, this post is not about the build. Till next time, be well.


  • Dianne

    Sounds like you have found the perfect man! LOL😁
    We are so very happy for the two of you. Not long and you can sit back to enjoy all the hard work …. really excited to see Cooinda & both of you again soon.
    Much love Dad & Mum xx💚

    • Matty & Sanji

      I sure have! I hope he has met his perfect woman…LOL! We are looking forward to our 2 week holiday (which starts in 2 weeks), so need a break. Looking forward to having you both over again, not long now… 3 and a bit months….eeeek (I need to start organising)!! Sending you and Dad lots of love xoxoxoxo

  • steve wells

    You 2 are amazing! You must be so proud of what you have achieved, much respect for all your commitment and efforts.
    We’re looking forward to seeing you and your dream home some time soon.

    • Matty & Sanji

      Thank you Steve! It has been a challenging year, but worth it :) We will need to buy you a strawbale book one day too! Hope to see you guys at the housewarming (aiming for end of Nov)… if not hopefully at the wedding :) Much love to you and the fam from Matty and I xoxoxo

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