Welcome to our happy place!

Matty and I (Sanjukta) moved from the city to the idyllic rural town of Sunday Creek in 2016, 70 kms north of Melbourne, Victoria (Australia). Our goal was to build a sustainable eco-friendly home, become more self sufficient and dabble in hobby farming.

Matty works in environmental management and planning, has a masters degree in this field and works at our local council in a managerial position. I work in digital design as an IT Business Analyst (have a degree in Multimedia and a diploma in Health Science), am a whole foodist and a women’s health advocate. With our powers combined, we also have a cheeky toddler thrown in the mix.

We completed building our strawbale home in 2017, and are always working on some project or another on the property. From the rambling lush native garden, renovating our old shack, a thriving veggie patch, an infant fruit orchard and a walking trail in progress, our 8-acre property is our cooinda.

Cooinda means ‘happy place’ in Australian indigenous language

This blog is a way to help us keep an online journal of the progress, the process, and share the experience with our family and friends, near and far.